dsdfamilies was set up in 2011 as an online family-led resource. In October 2016, we applied for and received charity status (NGO) in England and Wales. In September 2018 we also became a Scottish charity (cross-border status).

The aims of dsdfamilies, as set out in our constitution is to:

  • Bring the experiences and voices of families, children and young people affected by Differences of Sex Development (DSD) into the development and delivery of best practice in care, research, policy, public discourse and professional training.
  • Provide a service to families, children and young people living in the UK and Ireland, including a programme of educational tools and resources and access to peer/family-to-family support.
  • Be one of the leading advocates for families, children and young people living with DSD in matters relating to support, healthcare and their right to information about their condition.
  • Ensure that children growing up with any type of DSD and their families living in the UK and Ireland are not at a disadvantage due to their condition, whether that relates to equality of opportunity, access to information, access to support or having a say in decision making about the management of their condition.