Dsdfamilies is an information and peer support charity for families.  Every year in the UK, approximately 150 children are diagnosed with Differences of, diverse (or as doctors might say, Disorder of) Sex development  (DSD). That means there are approximately 2,300 children living with DSD conditions in the UK.

We work together with families and their children, teens and young adults, and healthcare providers in the UK to raise happy, healthy, confident and well-informed young people who can speak up for the support they need.

We can point you towards information about some of the more common conditions that come under the DSD umbrella and provide information on others where there is little elsewhere.  Our main job is to shed light on some of the shared experiences for children, young people and parents/carers have, in the hope that you can find information to help you and your family.

We are working with the NHS, UK and Scottish governments as well as at a European level, to ensure the rights and health needs of children, young people and families are addressed.