February 2019

We are pleased to be sharing this statement from Caster Semenya, released February 14th 2019: 


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January 2019

The Government Equalities Office have launched a call for evidence on the experiences of people who have variations in sex characteristics (VSC). The call for evidence is designed for VSC individuals, their parents, carers, and legal guardians, and professionals and service providers to share their views and experiences in a number of different areas including healthcare, education and support services. The call for evidence will run for 10 weeks between 17th January and 28th March and is open for anyone to respond. If you wish to share your views and respond to the call for evidence, please follow this link.



Different sex development happens in many different ways. We have brought various conditions together and briefly describe the biological pathways so that visitors to our website know that they are in the right place to get further information. Most importantly, we hope it will signal to children and young people that many other kids also have to learn about different sex development and that they are not alone. Visit the pages here. 

Above- dsdfamilies participated in the BSPED Meeting in Birmingham (November 2018) with a stall of resources.

dsdfamilies is part of the NHS England working group that have started to look at developing a commissioned pathway of care for Differences of Sex Development. This multi specialist group will work together to define the standards of care expected from organisations delivering DSD services to ensure that children, young people and their families are receiving the best care possible. Please contact annaeccleston@nhs.net if you would like to register as a stakeholder for this work.