Hello and a very warm welcome!

If you are reading this message as a parent, we want you to know that while each of us is unique in our own way, we all have something in common: children we love. The worry that brings you to us is unlike anything anyone else has ever felt because your situation is yours alone, however, you are not alone. We hope that the information we have put together for you will help you bring up a child who will grow into a self-confident and successful person, and that through this site, you will learn that your unease is only temporary and your worries will be lessened.

Over the years parents have done their best for their children; they listened to the experts of their day and made decisions based on that. Today we are learning a lot from the children they reared who are now adults. It seems strange to say this because it seems only common sense, but our biggest lesson has been that honesty is the best way to go. This builds trust among parents, clinicians and children making the management of this situation more human and honest.

For this reason, we want to build trust with you by making you feel included in every area you decide to look into.

Most of all we want you to feel like you are welcome here to learn about this unique life you are going to be raising, to write to us if you feel comfortable doing so, and to share your stories in order to help other families on their journey.

We are all in this together and no one is alone. No one.

The parent volunteers of dsdfamilies