Experiences and Practical Advice

Sometimes we are given advice such as 'use age appropriate language, or 'you will know when the time comes to tell your child' and wonder exactly what that means. This section may help enlighten us because parents talk about their own, very REAL experiences. If this section does nothing else, it shows us how typical our concerns really are, and that we find answers in strange places.

Please note, there is no 'one-fit-all' approach to raising your child, and these contributions are here to help you understand how other parents have dealt with similar circumstances.

We'd like to thank the members of the AIS/DSD Parent email group who have allowed us to reprint the following comments.

We are also grateful to the two parents who will be writing regular contributions. A's Story is written by one mother about her relationship with her son. The Diary of a Lady Lump follows the story of a three year old CAIS girl.

The final section is where we post Personal Stories.