Email-FB Group/Forums

The AIS/DSD Parent Email Group is a lively email circle where parents can be totally open and honest about their queries, anxieties and successes. With nearly 200 members, this group of sensitive, supportive, experienced and witty parents, with a paediatric endocrinologist standing by in the wings, are all set and ready to help. The group welcomes all nationalities, and families with affected boys and girls; a lot of the kids have AIS but other related DSD also very welcome (5-ARD, ovotesticular, etc.). The group is moderated by Arlene Baratz MD and Charmian Quigley MBBS. To request membership of the AIS/DSD Parent Email Group go to: and search for AIS Parents, or go to the website of the American AISDSD support group

The American AISDSD support group also has a dedicated email group for young people, as well as a general Facebook group for all interested parties. For more information, please contact

AISSG UK has recently (Spring 2012) launched an interactive facility for its members (families, young people and adults). Please contact for further information.

IntersexKids China is a support group for people who have, or who are thinking about adopting a child from China who has an intersex condition. To request membership, go to:, and search for IntersexKids China.

A UK based Forum for families and young people affected by hypospadias can be found on

The American group has chat facilities for all affected by Hypospadias and Epispadias; please go to for more info.

The UK ‘Living with CAH’ support group has various support Forums for girls and boys living with CAH, and also a general Forum. A good place to start whether you live within or outside the UK:

Some of the other support groups, listed in our Links section, also have message boards where you can get in touch with other parents and other young affected people.