Guest editorials

We are inviting guest editorials from families, members of our care team, and others who work or write on issues that affect us. If you wish to contribute to this series, please send a short outline of your proposed guest editorial to

Guest Editorial nr 4, April 2012

by Katrina Karkazis, Senior Research Scholar at the Center for Biomedical Ethics at Stanford University, USA

In this moving contribution, Katrina Karkazis explains that if you have to rid yourself of a physical illness (cancer, for instance) but in the meantime you have lost your dignity, then you cannot be fully healed. Without dignity, a person cannot truly help others. So Katrina invites physicians and patients alike to work towards healing, the former through empathy, the latter through accepting their bodies as they are. Through empathy and acceptance, we will heal ourselves and help others heal as well.

Our DSD community can begin this healing process by leading the way and helping each other learn or regain dignity and self-esteem. We can set an example for the doctors who treat us, expecting them to treat us and our children with the dignity we deserve.

[You find the full contribution here]