DSD Donate

dsdfamilies has been kindly funded by Jeans for Genes since 2012. More recently we received a grant from the UK Society for Endocrinology to invest in the construction of www.dsdteens.org, a new website for teens living with a dsd (forthcoming Spring 2015)

We are currently still working as a ‘small patient organisation’ but are exploring setting up a charity which will make welcoming donations from the public and supporters easier.

If in mean time you would like to send a donation to benefit the work of dsdfamilies or fund a specific aspect of our work, please contact us directly on info@dsdfamilies.org
Donations are accepted by (international) bank transfer and cheque.

Your gift, however great or small would amongst other things:

  • Enable us to continue to offer support to kids with dsd and their families.
  • Help us to create better awareness of dsd amongst health professionals and the general public.
  • Enable us to provide information on all aspects of living daily with dsd to those who need it.

We are currently raising funds to:

  • Invest in content management an development of dsdfamilies and dsdteens website.
  • Production of brochures ‘When your baby is born with genitals that look different’ for dissemination around maternity hospitals. We need £2.50 per maternity hospital!
  • Production of beautifully illustrated forthcoming booklet on Vaginal Dilation ‘ Ten Tips for Successful Dilation’, with copy by Lih-Mei Liao, Miriam Muscarella and Nina Callens and  to be disseminated in dilation clinics. We need to raise £2 per booklet!